sorular ve cevaplar


This species which have in the recent years become popular in-doors plants in Europe, grow actually in deserts, and some reaches heights of 10-15 meters.

They have a woody stem of tree form. Commercially they are simply referred to as “nolina” , because of their difficult names. As a matter fact nolina is the name of another species. These have long leaves, with sharp teeth like edges, which can be felt when stroked by fingers. They are found in nature only in Guatemala and Mexico. The lower part of their stem, depending on the type, grows and thickens to different sizes. This thickening of the stem is usually more distinct in plants living in dry areas. There are male and female plants.

Beucarnea recurvata

Beucarnea recurvata   is the most attracive of Beucarneas, used often as in-doors plants. Since they can stand cold down to -4C° , they can also be grown as outdoors plants in the  Mediterrenean Coast and other protected areas.  It has  been imported recently to our country and has become an indoor plant. However, its use in outdoors has remained very limited. This plant has considerable resistance to draught, and in its natural habitat reaches  8-15 meter height, and can attain a  lower stem diameter of 200–300 cm.

In Turkey the first serious commercial cultivation of this plant has been realised in our Center.

Beucarnea stricta

The name “sticta” has been introducued because of its vertical leaves. Because of its blueish leave colour is also called as “Blue Beucarnea”. In its habitat this plant reaches 4-8 meters height. Lower stem does not , thicken as much as Beucarnea recurvata and the diameter usually remains at 80-200 cm. It is resitant to cold more than the above plant, but also grows slower.

In Turkey it has first been commercially cultivated in our Center.


Beucarnea Guatamelensis and Beucarnea longifolia have been first commercially cultivated in our country in our Palm Center. B.guatamelensis, resembles much to B.recurvata, but the height is 6-11meters, and base diamater is 100-150cm. As can be deduced from its name, B.Longifolia is a species with very long leaves.




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